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It is located in Kranskop, under Umvoti Municipality, in KwaZulu-Natal.

The name - Emakhabeleni - comes from the clan that has the chieftaincy of the area. The chieftaincy is with the Dlomo clan and its Zulu clan name is 'Mkhabela'. Therefore, the traditional way to address the local residents of the area is 'Amakhabela', but the area is called eMakhabeleni, which literally means 'the place where Amakhabela people live'.

The place is known for its proximity to major landmarks such as the Tugela River which winds its way through eMakhabeleni.

The area is quite hilly, but its hills are laid out in quite an artistic way, in that they form a majestic pattern which undulates in a harmonious fashion and then plateaus in places as if to say -- 'Enjoy the View'!!

Being a deep rural area, it has a sprinkling of medical, educational and tribal facilities but these are nowhere near satisfactory. The infrastructure development is at its crude infancy, with the basic facilities still being something of the future -- roads are still gravel, water fetched manually from an average of eight (8) kilometres from households, electricity is still at government facilities. However, there are promising signs of development, eg water pipes have been laid out but not yet working, some households near government schools have electricity and the Amakhabela Tribal Authority has decent offices.




- The Emakhabeleni area has a rich history which needs to be preserved and  passed on from one generation to another.

- Furthermore, the community is spread across the whole country and, in some cases, across the world. They would like to know what is happening in their area.



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